Shoe Repair and Care 101

Hey Heel Lovers,

I wanted to share a practice that I use and swear by. We all have those heels that we love and have the hardest time breaking up with because something tragic has happened to them, right? Our heart breaks when one of the straps pop, or even when the heel gets scuffed badly or breaks. We cringe in agony when a light-colored suede gets stained, or if oil drops on the leather. We battle the inner turmoil of the thought of throwing them away. Don’t do it!

Instead find a shoe repair shop near you and take your shoes there. A good shoe repair shop can do wonders for your shoes. They can repair the damage that to your shoes and heart. A good one can return your favorite pair of shoes to you like new. So don’t you dare throw those beautifully crafted heels in the trash because of the scuffed leather on the heel. They can repair the leather and/or replace the leather in the same hue as the rest of the shoe, resuscitating it’s life span. Or if the stitching becomes undone, take it to them, most repair shops have the equipment to repair even the smallest of details. When the tap on your heels come off and the shoe gets damaged from scraping the pavement, shoe repair will do the trick. I’ve had all my taps replaced with

When dealing with textures such as leather and suede, ask your shoe repairer for tips on how to prevent future damage from accidents and general wear and tear. I sometimes use Scotch Guard on my more sensitive textured shoes to prevent stains from setting in. Also, using a shoe conditioner will prolong the life of your shoes by conditioning then and keeping leathers soft and supple. Ask your shoe repairer for a special suede brush for your suede shoes, this keeps the suede looking fresh and new, or simply use a clean and unused toothbrush.

Shoe repair and preventive care is surely the way to go when trying to preserve and get the most out of your shoe investment. Plus, you save money versus buying a new pair.

In a world full of flats, be a stiletto


From Display to Dinner Shoes

Hey Heel Lovers!

Okay, it’s confession time. My love affair with shoes goes deeper than you can even imagine. I am a shoeaholic to the ten millionth power! I love shoes so much that even when I find a shoe that I adore, and the store does not have my size in them, I still purchase the shoe in the size available. I don’t wear them of course, but I have shoes that are two sizes smaller than my feet. I store them in my glass shoe display case in my closet. I put them there on display so that I can adore them visually. I know some of you are side eyeing your screens, but it’s true, and I confess to being a true-blue shoe lover. I think it goes as deep as my DNA.

However, unlike my secret shoe display. Do you have shoes that you keep on display, only because wearing them they hurt your feet? So, what do you do? Especially when the shoe is too gorgeous to keep to yourself in secrecy. Use them as dinner shoes! These painful beauties usually have a window of time before the cute turns into crunch. Wear them out, but bring a more comfortable pair or even a pair of flats, wait until you get to the restaurant then put those dazzlers on. The distance from the valet to the table is fairly short and doesn’t give the shoe enough time to transform from pretty to painful. Wear them during dinner, then back to the car and take them off again. It’s a win/win for you.

You get to wear the shoes you love without paying the cost of pain. Take a picture to capture the stunners in action, and when you get home place them back on display to be adored until the next time.

In a world full of flats, be a stiletto

How to Stretch your Heels

Hello Heel Lovers, I’m back this week with a new revelation!

You saw them, and you had to have them. The perfect pair of leather heels. You tried them on to make sure they fit, and looked great on your feet, but you noticed that they were a bit snug. However, you gave in to the gorgeousness and took them to the counter, rang them up and grabbed your bag with them in it. You pushed the buyer’s remorse out of your head because you remembered that they fit snugly against your feet and decided to make them work anyway. Well, fret not my shoe obsessed beauty, because we’ve researched some tips that will stretch those shoes into shape in no time. Here are a few of my tips.


The Freezer Method:

Fill a zip lock bag with water halfway. Place the bag into the shoes making sure it fills all the spaces from toe to heel. Place the shoes into the freezer and allow the water to become solid. The frozen water will stretch the shoes.

The Heat Method:

Put on one to two pairs of socks (the thicker the better) then put the shoes on. Grab your hairdryer and turn it on medium heat. Place the blow dryer on the areas that are most uncomfortable and the heat will stretch the leather. Repeat this method until your shoes fit perfectly.

The Potato Method:

Place a large potato or two in your shoes fitting them against the snug areas of the shoe. Place them to where the shoe is expanded and let them sit.

Homemade Shoe Stretching Solution:

Grab a bowl, a bottle of water, clear alcohol and cotton balls. Pour the alcohol into the bowl, then dilute it with water. Dip the cotton balls in, then rub the solution along the insides of the shoes. Be sure to rub it on all the areas of the shoes that are tight. Step into the shoes while they are damp until they dry. Repeat as a needed.

Shoe Repair:

Take your shoes to a professional and have them stretch them for you. They have the tools there to stretch your shoes into the desired fit.

In a world full of flats, be a stiletto

Beauty Hack!

Hey Heel Lovers!

I’ve just discovered an amazing tip that I wanted to share with all of you. We all have a favorite pair of heels that looks great on, but gives us hell right? You know the pair that is all things amazing…it’s the perfect color and style, and it looks incredible with your favorite pair of jeans or that cute dress that flatters your figure. BUT those heavenly heels give hellacious blisters!

Don’t banish to the back of the closet, or to the bottom shelf of the shoe display. Grab a stick of gel deodorant and rub it on the areas where your shoes create the blister! Yes, you heard me. Our prayers have been answered in the form of an everyday product. The gel deodorant acts as a lubricant and reduces stress to location where the shoes rub and creates the blister.

Now you can go and snatch those great heels out of retirement and put them on. Enjoy!

In a world full of flats, be a stiletto



How to create the ” It Girl” Shoes Showcase for your closet.

Ladies, we’ve all seen them and we all love them! Those glorious shoe closets that all the celebrities feature in their photos. They are the object of all our desires. The display of perfect color coordinated heels ranging in styles, colors, prints and materials. How could we not drool with covetous envy, when such perfection is presented?

A shelved shoe closet is a shoe-a-holic’s version of all things perfect. It’s not only your closet’s main attraction, it’s an expression of your individuality, style and journey through shoes. Until now it seemed as if these amazing creations were reserved only for the lucky ladies who could afford room sized walk-in closets. But, fret not heel lovers, I have great news for you!


You can create your own amazing shoe closet today. Yes you, even with a standard sized closet in your apartment or home. Let me tell you how you can create and achieve your very own perfect “It Girl” Shoe Closet.

Ikea’s Billy (Bookcase) Series will help you achieve your perfect shoe closet. These bookcases range in sizes, colors and price, so it will be easy for you to find the perfect one for you. If you are a girl who has a large shoe collection, or if you’re just starting one, they have smaller to larger selections to fit your needs.



Here is the link to check out the selection and you can choose which one is best for you

When you create your “It Girl” Shoe Closet, there are no rules. Just make it as original and as amazing as you are.

In a world full of flats, be a stiletto


Calling All Shoe Lovers!!

Hello High Heel Lovers!

Welcome to The House of Heels blog page. I’m Renae aka Torri. My brand partner, Natasha and I are so excited that you, the consumer visiting our online store, mirror the same fascination that we have with heels.

For us at House of Heels, heels are everything! They’re sexy, sassy and speak a language of their own. We aim to bring you the hottest and latest affordable styles and trends to fit your budget and your individual style.

My love affair with heels started when I was in high school. I fell in love with the aesthetic first, then the power! They became an instant part of my personality, so much so that I was coined “The Stiletto Diva”.

From then until now, nothing has changed. Heels are my passion and I desire to share that passion with you by bringing you selections that all of us will love. Heels play such an important part in not only a woman’s wardrobe but a woman’s personality as well. A good heel has the power to turn a mediocre outfit into a marvelous one. They make everything better.

Please visit this blog once a week for my personal take on new releases and style suggestions. I look forward to sharing this experience with you.


House Of Heels

“In a world full of flats, be a stiletto”